About Me

 Before You Tell Me Your Story, Let Me Tell You Mine


II have a passion for capturing the authenticity and genuine nature of events. Unobtrusively document each moment, capturing the essence and emotions of the day. I approach each events more like a filmmaker; a story to tell about the people coming together for a special occasion. I strive to create images that are beautiful and that emphasize the emotional substance of the moments- from the broad overview to the minute details- every time.

My camera lets me portray my creative vision by capturing these scenes and documenting the events the best way that I see them whether stills or motion. Photography gives me the means and tools I need to share and explore some of the most beautiful scenes in nature and events to document.

“For me, photograph is all about capturing life the way your heart sees it,
and when you shoot from your heart, your work will always be your own-
something no one else can copy.” ~Mike Colon